Why Rent a Minibus for Short Distance Trips

People often only think about bus rentals for long trips, whether they’re going on tour or taking a trip to Vegas. That’s understandable, since that’s precisely the sort of thing that you see in the movies, but it’s far from required. A minibus is actually a great option for shorter trips (usually under 150 miles), and they can be just as fun and enjoyable as their larger counterparts. In fact, most groups can easily be managed by a minibus, since they typically handle around 20 people.


Most people think of chartering a bus for fun. For short trips, where you don’t want a massive carpool, and it’s too short for a flight, a minibus can be ideal. With reclining seats, armrests, and footrests, they’re incredibly comfortable. With a driver, you don’t have to worry about one person being stuck with the task of actually getting everyone there, and with 24-hour support, you also don’t have to wonder what to do or how to handle things in an emergency situation. Of course, since the buses are maintained by licensed mechanics, there’s little concern that anything will happen anyway. A professional shuttle is about as close to a truly worry-free excursion as you’re going to find.


Whether for conferences, training seminars, or other needs, sometimes as a company you’ll have to get many employees to one location. With shorter distances, a flight just isn’t feasible. Additionally, flying a dozen or more people can get very costly, very quickly. A minibus can be a great way to handle the trip without breaking the bank or demanding that everyone provide their own means of transportation. Of course, it’s made even more convenient, since likely everyone will be staying at the same hotel and attending events at the same location. Basically, that means getting to and from the destination are your primary points of concern. A minibus with an expert driver and professional assistance and support can be a great way to tackle your trip with minimum concern and excellent cost savings over other options.

Whether for business or fun, always look for minibus rentals in Duluth, GA, with an eye on experience and professionalism. Not all rental companies are made equally, so be sure that you’re getting what you need from a reputable dealer and at a reasonable price.