What Makes the Experience at SunTrust Park Great?

When you want a fun experience with your family, friends, or even coworkers, there is no better place in the Atlanta area to enjoy than SunTrust Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves. A stadium with new features and amazing amenities, this park is home to one of the greatest baseball franchises in the nation. There are plenty of reasons to visit to catch a baseball game or enjoy a host of local events, especially now that you can rent luxury cars in Atlanta for car service to the airport and the stadium. This makes travel easy for out of towners looking for an unforgettable local experience. Here is more on what makes the experience at SunTrust Park so fascinating and one that you should not miss, whether you live in a local zip code or are visiting Atlanta.

The Prestige

The Braves have a tremendous record of success and are among the leading baseball teams in the United States. With 29 Hall of Fame players, 17 divisional titles, and 3 World Series championship wins, the Braves are known nationwide for their success and stature. And now that they have a new home in SunTrust Park, a brand-new stadium just minutes from downtown Atlanta, they have a fantastic future to look forward to. If you stop by for one of their games, you are sure to witness an unforgettable showdown. Make the experience even more prestigious by renting a navigator limo in Atlanta to take you right to the front door of the stadium.

The Features

The Braves’ new home offers some of the best amenities in all of American sports, offering over 41,000 seats, including a whopping 4,000 premium seats in one of their star-studded suites. You can expect fine dining opportunities right on-site, a spectacular fireworks show on Fridays, as well as performances by top recording artists and other celebrities. What’s more, you can find a luxury car rental, party bus rental, or charter bus rental to get you to the big event in style.

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