What are the Benefits of a Mini Bus Rental

Are you having logistical challenges with a group outing? One way to make it easier on everyone is to charter a mini-bus and have everyone travel together. What are the benefits of renting a mini-bus?

  • It is easier to keep everyone in your group accounted for. This is particularly helpful if your group includes children and seniors.
  • This is luxury travel for a small group. A mini-bus seats from 16 to 21 passengers with air conditioning, comfortable seats, radio, and tinted windows.
  • A mini-bus is ideal for corporate travel and tours. A designated leader can provide a narrated tour for everyone to enjoy.
  • A mini-bus is ideal for a wine-tasting tour. The bus driver is the only designated driver you will need, while everyone else is free to enjoy the wine.
  • Route planning is simplified by limiting the drivers involved.
  • Route logistical planning is simplified by limiting the planners to the event planner, the driver, and possibly one other person. If you are traveling by individual cars, many drivers and their passengers are involved in the logistical plans.
  • Using a mini-bus for transportation to and from the wedding adds to the festive nature of the event. Some decorating of the bus interior may be allowed, as well as alcoholic beverages.