Top Qualities of a Reliable Premium Car Service

Traveling in style comes at a cost. If you need a trip to the airport or transportation for an entire evening out on the town, renting a town car or limousine can be a good deal more expensive than a taxi or a ridesharing service.

When paying the premium costs for luxury car transport in Atlanta, there are certain qualities you want to look for when hiring reliable premium car service.

  • See It to Believe It: Don’t take the photos a limo company displays on their website. Take a good look the actual vehicle you are renting to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Most rental companies will go through the entire car with you and notate any dings or other imperfections inside or out. This serves to protect both you and the driver.
  • Price It Out: If it is not already clear, make sure there are no hidden fees or additional unclear costs. Taxes and surcharges vary by location and company. Ask for a bottom line price and inquire about any additional fees, and get it all in writing.
  • Deals and Discounts: Ask about any current specials, price breaks, or discounted upgrades. Check Groupon and other discount services that can save you money on you hire a luxury care in Atlanta.
  • Professional Punctual Pick-Up Policy: The best limousine rental companies take a professional approach, insisting drivers be on time, and that they dress and act in a reliable, service-oriented manner at all times. You should be able to tell from the moment you book your rental and first meet your driver.

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  • At Your Convenience: If you try to schedule a pick-up for the airport and the limo service wants to alter your time and have you wait an inordinate amount of time for your flight, you might want to keep shopping. The best limo and luxury car transport companies will always be available to accommodate you on your schedule, not theirs.
  • Variety Is the Spice of Service: From a ride to the airport to a fleet of buses for a large company event, full service limousine and luxury car rental companies should have what you need. Depending on your need, time frame, and budget, you can rent a luxury sedan, a stretch limo, wheelchair accessible shuttle bus, small mini-buses, or even large buses for longer trips.

If you are paying a premium price, you want a premium car service in Atlanta from a reliable and professional limo and luxury car rental company.