Tips to Rent a Charter Bus Easily

Charter buses are used for many different purposes. They can be rented for local or cross-country travel, day trips, weddings, and more. If you’re looking to rent a charter bus in Decatur, GA, here are some tips to make the process a little bit easier.

Put Safety First

Before you sign any contract for service, it’s imperative that you know the company’s safety record. You should be able to obtain this information from the U.S. Department of Transportation without any problem. Any rating less than “satisfactory” should be a red flag.

Also, make sure that you ask for licensing and insurance information. In addition to the driver’s information, make sure the company has proper insurance coverage and that they have met all the licensing requirements by the state. Do not rent a bus that has expired paperwork. This is a sign of a company that isn’t too concerned about meeting standards.

Ask about driving restrictions. If you’re taking a short tip that’s less than 10 hours, you’ll be fine with one driver. However, if the chartered bus will be used for longer trips, you’ll need to have a relief driver. This will most likely be an added expense. Make sure that company’s driving policies align with legal restrictions.

Inquire about the Equipment Used

Charter bus rental in Decatur, GA, varies. There are many kinds of vehicles that fall under the definition of a charter such as motorcoaches, sprinter vans, shuttle buses, and more. When renting a charter find out as much as you can about the age of the vehicle, its current condition, and confirm the size. Large charter buses like cross-country motorcoaches can carry between 40 and 60 passengers. Smaller buses may only be able to accommodate the size of an average wedding party. To avoid disappointment or discomfort double-check that the size of vehicle you’re renting will work for the number of people in your group.

Ask about Onboard Amenities

Today’s charter vehicles offer passengers a plethora of amenities. From sound systems and personal televisions to automatic dimming lights and reclining seats, the possibilities are endless. Of course, amenities vary depending on the size and style of the bus. If you’re going to be renting a bus for a day trip you may not require as many amenities as you would if you were going to be on the bus for several days.

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Confirm Bus Charter Rates in Decatur, GA

Some companies may try to sneak in hidden charges here or there, which can make rental rates rise quickly. Not everyone is transparent about their charter bus rental prices in Decatur, GA. When searching for a rental company, the best ones clearly list their rates (hourly, weekly, monthly) and what all is included in this rate. If the company states that extra services cost more, ask what those services entail. For example, are you chartering a bus as part of a school tour to a historic site? Some companies will charge more for school-aged children than adults. This may be one of those “extra” services. Inquire about what those extra services are even if you don’t plan to use them. Customers should also confirm the company’s cancellation policy.

With a little bit of research and asking questions, renting a charter bus in Decatur, GA, can be a rewarding experience. You’ll get where you need to be faster and feeling less tired than if you drove yourself. It can also be a great way to have new experiences with family and friends.