Things You Should Know before Chartering a Mini Bus

Why Should You Choose a Mini Bus?

Chartering a mini bus is a convenient and cost-effective choice for transporting small groups on short trips. Seating 8-30 people, mini buses allow a group to stay together in one vehicle without paying for empty seats and extra gas on a full-size bus. Mini buses work well for short trips like weddings, conferences, school trips, and airport transfers. Some companies will also rent them for longer drives.

Buses are safer than cars. By law, bus drivers may only drive up to six hundred miles or 10 hours per day to avoid drowsy or distracted driving.

Most people who charter a mini bus get a professional driver through the charter company. However, some companies allow customers to drive the mini bus. Check your state’s laws to see whether you need a commercial driver’s license to operate a mini bus.

What It Costs

If you make sure to fill up most of the seats, traveling by bus is much cheaper than by airplane and usually cheaper than taxi or Uber. Bus rental prices in Atlanta are measured by hour for short trips and by mile for interstate trips. While prices vary by company, you can expect a mini bus to cost about $120-170 per hour or $3-4 per mile.

Make sure you know what fees are included in the quote you’re given and what extra fees you might have to pay. Examples of possible extra fees include the driver’s hotel room on a long-term trip, tolls, and driving the empty bus back if you’re doing a one-way charter.

Chartering Process

Some websites will offer to ease your mini bus rental in Atlanta by comparing prices and connecting you with companies that suit your needs. However, these websites charge a commission fee. Your cheapest option is to directly contact charter companies online or by phone and ask for a quote.

Once you find a good company, you will sign a contract. Make sure to read it thoroughly and ask any questions you may have. Most companies require a down payment. The due date of full payment varies by company, but in most cases, you must pay the full price before departure. Close to your departure date, the company will send you details about your trip, bus, and driver.

Prices rarely increase closer to the departure date, like they do in airfare. However, you should still reserve your mini bus early to make sure a vehicle that fits your needs is available.

There are a few other things to note before chartering a mini bus. Check the cancellation policy. See if the mini bus has the amenities you want: climate control, CD and/or DVD player, armrests and footrests, a restroom, etc. Also, make sure the company doesn’t have a time or mileage limit that would interfere with the plans for your trip.