The Benefits of Bus Rental for College Activities

College kids are infamous for a lot of things, but one constant throughout the ages is the road trip. Whether taking a trip to a city, following the team to their away games, heading out for Spring Break, or just getting away for a long weekend, college kids like to travel and often travel as a group on any number of road trips for any number of reasons.

While these trips often create memories, they can be cramped, uncomfortable, and all to frequently, dangerous. This is why if college kids are in the area and want to take a road trip, a smarter strategy would be to rent a charter bus in Kennesaw, GA. The reasons for this are many; here are just a few.


College road trips on the best of days are long, tiresome and often uncomfortable. Add to that the fact most college kids like to have a good time and the mix can get dangerous very quickly and sometimes, unfortunately, deadly. Traveling via a bus with a licensed, professional driver removes much of the awful and dangerous things about road trips while giving kids a chance to relax and have fun without worrying about getting from point A to point B in one piece.

Getting home is much easier and safer too. We all know that drinking sometimes is a reality with college kids, particularly at sporting events and with a bus charter service in Kennesaw GA, local college kids do not have to worry about getting home. They just have to make to the bus on time. Best of all, the risk associated with the road trip, whether due to tiredness, hunger, drinking or stress is alleviated.

Reasonably Priced

At 18 or 19, the cost of a road trip usually does not sink in until the trip is over. If the trip is long enough, the price can be exorbitant, particularly if the kid in question is on a tight budget. Charter bus prices in Kennesaw, GA, though, are much more cost effective because a full-time bus company can apply economies of scale and get cheaper costs across the board. By spreading out the cost across a bus load of kids, what by itself is very expensive for four or five people becomes very affordable.

The Group Dynamic

Road trips create memories, some good, some bad, some indifferent, but memories all the same. Most who have attended college remember at least one road trip taken with friends that provided stories that have lasted through the years. Traveling as  a group allows for a camaraderie that traveling in small groups does not allow and that usually results in memories of the trip, associated events and the people who went.

College would be much less fun without road trips, but those can be very problematic. A charter bus can help create and maintain the fun, while eliminating the problematic, or at least making the trip much safer and affordable.