Employee Shuttle Management and Parking Solutions

Employee Shuttle and Parking Solutions We can assist you with consulting for new construction, modification of existing facilities, special management contracts, individualized leases, financing, joint ventures, or any project relating to parking or employee shuttle services.

MTI’s Parking Solutions & Employee Shuttle Management services take projects from concept to completion. We provide the expertise at any project stage to achieve a better and more profitable parking solution & employee shuttle system. At MTI, full service means more than employee shuttle & parking design, management, leasing, financing, purchasing, or facility operations. It also means providing advanced employee shuttle & parking solutions technology and financial expertise.

We develop long-lasting business relationships based on outstanding customer service, which has enabled us to thrive in a competitive Parking Solution & Employee Shuttle Management Services environment.

Professionally Trained Ambassadors, Greeters, Valets & Chauffeurs

Team members of MTI’s Parking Solutions go through a comprehensive hiring, training and evaluation program. We understand that your employee shuttle management & parking solutions technology are the first and last impressions your visitors have of your facility; as such, all employees go through the following:

  • One-on-one customized orientation program with the site manager
  • Location-specific training including way-finding and local knowledge
  • A formal on-the-job training program with a mentor

Customized Service Standards

MTI’s Parking Solutions understands that if you ask ten people what good service is, you get ten different answers. We evaluate your mission and values, and identify specific standards of service that we train our employees to perform, such as:

  • Greet every visitor with a smile and friendly welcome
  • Serve every visitor quickly and accurately
  • Wear our uniform professionally every day

It is important for our employees to know exactly what will make them successful. Making service standards the core of our Parking Solutions & Employee Shuttle Management training system, and rewarding employees instantly when found exhibiting these behaviors ensures that your customers are treated with the respect and care they expect and deserve.

Parking Solutions Technology Integration

Technological advances have allowed the interaction between the parking operator and the guest to become much more fluid and seamless. MTI works with our clients to advise them on the latest technological advances in the Parking & Employee Shuttle services industry. Our Parking Solutions Technology products are hospitality focused easy-to-use systems that connect our clients and the transportation staff for complete management of the shuttle operations. It enables clients to track their rides right from their mobile phones. It empowers the company to significantly reshape its user’s experience, increase safety, and reduce operating costs.