Safe Travels for the Holidays!

This holiday season, you can expect plenty of cheer and memorable times with loved ones, from old friends to your closest family members. But it’s important to celebrate safely. That is why there are transportation solutions in Duluth that you can rely on throughout the holidays, from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years’ Day. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind so that you have a safe and happy holiday season.

Rent a Car When Necessary

While the holidays are often centered on food, there is plenty of drinking to go around. This means that your loved ones may be at risk if they drink too much alcohol and then attempt to operate their vehicle to get home. Consider a sprinter rental to get them home from celebrations safely. A sober and trained driver can take them home or to their hotel.

Airport Travel

Those who are traveling from out of town may be concerned about how to get to their hotel, your home, or other relatives’ homes. Rather than paying premium prices for a cramped taxi, consider renting an airport charter bus or motor coach to get your loved ones where they need to go safely, without having to navigate unfamiliar streets.

Business Travel

If you unfortunately must travel for business around the holidays, then you need to make travel arrangements for yourself and your coworkers that can reliably get you where you need to go. A luxury coach or mini charter can get you safely to your hotel, conference center, clients’ offices, and more.

You have many options for professional transportation solutions in Duluth so that you can have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Whether you need to get a handful of people or a fleet of business travelers around town, there is a vehicle for you, which will always come with a trained and experienced driver who can handle local driving conditions, no matter what the cold weather brings.