Renting a Mini Shuttle for a Family Vacation

Coordinating transportation to family outings, like anniversary dinners, weddings, meals on vacation, family reunions, etc., can be a chore. This is particularly true if the outing is in an area that the family is not familiar with. What usually happens is some family members arrive way too early, some way too late and some do not arrive until after the event is all but over. If you have a family event or outing and need transportation, a mini shuttle bus rental in Dunwoody, GA, might be just the ticket; here is why.


Minibus rentals in Dunwoody, GA, come with a lot of amenities, but they do vary from bus to bus. Some have television monitors. Some have DVD players. Some come with extra legroom or reclining seats. Your bus may also come with individual or zone climate control and luggage storage space. You should verify what your bus comes with first, but one thing is for sure: The amenities on mini bus rentals in Dunwoody, GA come with a lot more than your usual SUV or minivan and are not nearly as cramped.

In most cases, you can select the type of minibus you want and match it to your event. A longer trip, for example, might require more traditional seating, while a short jaunt from the hotel to an event locale might be better suited with a party bus, which usually has seating around the inner perimeter of the mini bus. If the trip is longer and you have children present, you may want to opt for the television monitors and DVD players. Check with your minibus rental service first and match up what you need with what they have available.


The more vehicles you have traveling around the better your chances of one of them running into trouble. If you are in an unfamiliar area, the chances of that happening are even greater. Having a shuttle bus rental for a wedding in Dunwoody, GA, for example, is a great idea for the families of the Bride and Groom and the wedding party. It keeps everyone in one place, with a professional driver and greatly reduces the chances of someone getting lost or getting into an accident.


Whether you are chartering or renting, a minibus lets you relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about driving or were everyone is. It also is very convenient if you have elderly family members or children to transport.

Renting or chartering a mini shuttle bus is a great way to haul the family around to events or while on vacation. It lets you relax knowing the transportation is the least of your worries. With proper planning, you can alleviate a lot of stress from the most anxious part of any family event: Getting everyone there on time.