List of Amenities Provided in Shuttle Services

Going to the airport can be a huge hassle. If you are taking your own car, you have to worry about the type of traffic you’ll encounter, where you’ll keep the car while you’re gone, and how much it’s going to cost. Ask a friend or family member to take you, and you have to worry about owing a favor to that person, whether or not the person will arrive on time and who will be there to pick you up when you get back. At MTI Limousine and Shuttle services in Atlanta, we know that there is a better way. Here is what shuttle services can provide for you, your family, and your business:

  • Airport pickup
  • Meet and greet
  • Airport drop off
  • Alternative route navigation when needed
  • Transfers
  • Expediting transfer needs
  • Help with baggage retrieval
  • 24-hour services

Other Considerations

Shuttle bus rental prices should be a part of your consideration process. When you figure out how much driving and parking cost, and add to that the amount of stress you will feel during the process, you’ll realize that a shuttle will make a huge difference in your travel. If you are going on vacation, you can get an early start by using a shuttle service!

Can the service handle the size of your group? Most shuttles can handle a family-sized group. If you have a larger group of people for business or other adventure, you will want to make sure that you can find a shuttle that can handle the numbers and help you coordinate.

Find out what type of navigation system the company uses. In today’s world of GPS and real-time traffic reports, you don’t want to be late because the vehicle providing transportation didn’t have alternative directions available.

When you need to get to the airport or if you’re headed out to watch The Masters golf tournament, a shuttle to Augusta National is the best way to go. You’ll beat the stress, get door-to-door service when you leave, and a great ride wherever you’re headed!