How to Select the Right Luxury Car Rental

If you need to hire a luxury car in Dunwoody, take some time to consider your options. There are more types of vehicles available than you might realize. Many people automatically think of a nondescript sedan transporting passengers to and from the airport, but you have many more options to choose from! It all depends on the nature of your travel and your personal preference.

Frequent Fliers

Yes, luxury cars are in exceptionally high demand for airport service. If you’re a frequent flier, then you know that luxury car service in Dunwoody is preferable to most taxi services. You get customized, personal transportation services, and often at better rates. Plus, with more frequent travel, you can get a better idea of the type of shuttle service and vehicles you prefer and book your preferred method of travel in advance.

Frequent fliers can choose from sedans or SUVs, if you need to accommodate multiple people or more cargo. Airport service in these vehicles is especially convenient and popular for corporate travelers. Luxury sedans and SUVs provide more privacy and comfort than taxis, buses, and other shuttling choices. You can enjoy tinted windows, climate control, freshly cleaned interiors, quality sound systems, and experienced chauffeurs.

Wheelchair Accessibility

If you require a shuttle service with wheelchair accommodations, shuttle buses are among the most convenient options. There is wheelchair-friendly loading and exiting with sufficient room on board for those riding in wheelchairs. Shuttle buses also include plenty of room for storage for multiple passengers. If you’re looking for cost-effectiveness and space, but you don’t require the privacy of a sedan or SUV, shuttle buses are the best choice.

Sophisticated Transportation for Small Groups

If you’re looking for a more elegant and stylish ride with privacy and even a bit of pomp, then a luxury limousine will be the best for you. Limos aren’t chosen often for airport service, but rather for trips across town. Luxury limousine rentals are popular for those traveling to and from special events like weddings, golden anniversaries, or other romantic celebrations. Limousines are great for newly-wed couples, couples celebrating an anniversary, or party groups.

Since a limo can accommodate up to 18 passengers, they’re great for transporting groups of people, like a bachelorette party or high school prom couples. You can really make a 16th birthday party or prom night special by renting a limo. Then the party doesn’t just happen at your destination, but en route as well while you enjoy DVDs, music, TV, plush seating, music, sun roofs, and plenty of interior space.

Medium Groups

For larger groups of 30-40, you need something efficient and large, like a mini bus. This option is perfect for school classes on field trips, dance classes, wedding parties, or youth groups heading to camp. These mini buses still offer a lot of comfort with reclining seats, foot rests, TVs, and DVD players. Though there is still luggage space, mini buses are generally recommended for shorter distances.

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Large Groups and Long Trips

Finally, you have large charter buses. These are the best choices if you have 50-60 people, luggage, or are traveling long distances taking many hours or even a couple of days. These buses are designed to accommodate 60 people comfortably along with all their luggage. Since long distance travel in a vehicle can be uncomfortable, many charter buses include comforts like bathrooms, DVD systems, and reclining seats for sleeping on the go. There’s an option for every kind of traveler; just contact your local premium car service in Dunwoody, GA to check availability.