How to Make Your Bus Party Memorable

You may think that throwing a bus party is no different than throwing a house party. However, there are some things to take into consideration when arranging a party in this atmosphere. If you really want your guests to remember your next special event, keep reading for some bus party tips and best practices.  

Choose the Right Bus/Motor Coach

Do your research. Find a reliable and highly rated rental service that will suit your needs. Remember that this is a mobile party, most of which will include alcohol, so you want your guests to feel safe, secure, and comfortable enough to enjoy themselves. You also want to consider the size. Make sure you send out your invitations early to ensure a specific number for your final head count. A party bus that’s too large is a waste of space and money. Of course, a party bus that’s too small is uncomfortable. Know your party size before you call. If you’re choosing to rent a motor coach in Kennesaw GA, different sizes will be available.

Know Your Theme

Every party has a purpose. Be prepared to tastefully decorate your bus or motor coach with the appropriate items, without making it look cluttered. Remember this is a one-room party. For a party like this, less is more. Make the decor stand out enough so your guests know what they’re celebrating, but not too much that the motor coach it looks stuffy or chaotic.

Be Prepared with Music and Visuals

Party buses and motor coaches that come with LCD screens are awesome! Take advantage of this extra accessory with a background movie or pictures that apply to your party theme. These accents will help create a memorable night for whatever it is you’re celebrating. If you’re arranging your best friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party, have some old photos up on the screens for your guests to see. Also, being prepared with playlists and appropriate music is key. Don’t leave these tasks to the driver or the company. You know what your guests want to hear.