How to Coordinate with an Event Shuttle Service Professional

One of the most important–and often overlooked–parts of planning a big event is coordinating adequate transportation for all your guests. Hiring an event shuttle service in Kennesaw, GA, lets you and your guests avoid the hassle of driving through congested, unfamiliar areas and lets everyone stay focused on more important matters. As with anything else involved with your event, however, proper communication is essential for making your shuttle service a success.

Provide Advance Notice

The sooner you can notify your shuttle service about your event, the better. Ask about shuttle bus rental prices in Kennesaw, GA, so you can factor them into your event budget. Plan at least several months to ensure you have sufficient drivers and buses to meet your needs. This requires getting notice about how many people will be attending, how they’ll be getting to the event, and where they’ll be staying.

Communicate with Your Guests

Let your guests know a shuttle service will be available during the event so you can find out what services they need. For example, you’ll need to find out if you’ll need a luxury airport shuttle in Kennesaw, GA, in addition to your regular event shuttles.

It’s also important to provide your guests with the shuttle service’s information as well as information about where and when the shuttles will be available so they can catch a ride when they need to.

Choose Your Routes

Discuss the best driving routes with your shuttle drivers once you know what hotels your guests will be using. Most shuttles circulate in a loop, stopping at each hotel in turn. Make sure your drivers can stay aware of current traffic conditions and plan alternate routes in case of an accident or rush-hour traffic.

Plan Peak Times

Just before and after each day’s scheduled events, you’ll need more shuttle drivers on hand to bring people to and from your event location. Make sure your shuttle company has a detailed copy of your schedule to keep guests from having to wait too long. It’s also important to stick to your schedule as closely as possible and let your drivers know immediately if there’s any change in plans.