How to Choose Customized Shuttle Rental Packages

A shuttle rental can be a great way to get from one place to the other, especially if you have a large group of people. Shuttle packages can be created to suit your needs. The shuttle can be decorated and you might even find sodas available, or you could bring your own adult beverages. At MTI Limousine and Shuttle services in Atlanta, we know that renting a shuttle can provide you with an amazing experience before and after you get to your destination.

Customer Service Record

Before engaging a Sprinter van rental, you want to check out the company’s customer service record. Online reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and your own interactions with the staff should give you an idea of how the company will treat you once you are in their vehicle. If you get a bad feeling about the company when you talk to its reservation staff, you should probably look for another company.

On Time, Every Time

Executive Sprinter rental isn’t just about luxury. It’s also about convenience. If you have a schedule to keep and the shuttle arrives late, you’re going to feel anxious, even if you get to your destination on time. A driver that has the ability to adapt to road and traffic conditions is a huge plus because he or she is more likely to get you where you want to be without any excuses. While punctuality should be a big part of customer service, it should also be the second priority on the list of priorities for a shuttle rental service.

Safety Record

The top priority of every Atlanta luxury Sprinter van rental company should be safety. Being punctual and providing luxury travel options don’t mean anything if the company has a terrible driving record. Accidents are no fun, even when no one gets hurt. As any company in the service industry will tell you, safety is always the top priority, and everything stems from that.