How to Choose a Campus Shuttle Service

A reliable luxury airport shuttle can help you get to your destination fast and hassle-free. Most of these companies also offer school, wedding, and other types of shuttle services. However, keep in mind that every company can’t provide quality service like they all promise.

Have a discerning eye when choosing a luxury shuttle service in Dunwoody, GA, to ferry you around. You should know the following before hiring one for your exploits.


Search and compare the prices for multiple campus shuttle companies. Keep in mind that it would be much cheaper to go with a bigger group to split the bill. Choose executive transportation in Dunwoody, GA, that offers the best value for the price.

Pick-up and Drop-off Zones

Before booking a ride, ask about the exact location for pick-up and drop-off. Will it pick you up directly at home, an area near your home, or do you need more than an hour to reach the station? Include traffic time and any stopover to estimate if you have to go to a terminal. Choose a luxury airport shuttle that has an office or station closer to your location, so that you’ll make it to your check-in time.


Ask around for actual testimonials and recommendations from people you know. They are more likely to tell you the truth about a good luxury airport shuttle. Don’t believe testimonials on websites too readily. A company with a reputation for safety and punctuality will stand out based on these recommendations.


Know the type of vehicles that they use as well as how often they maintain the vehicles. This information should somewhat give you an idea how luxurious and safe it is to travel with them.

Reservation, Refund, and Insurance

Ask how much refund they’ll offer if you reasonably canceled last-minute. Ideally, you should receive all or some of your booking fee if you withdrew within an allowable time-frame. Ask about the insurance coverage as well and what recourses you have for bad service like an intentionally rude or treacherous driver, damaged luggage, injuries, etc.

Knowing all of these should give you confidence in the quality of service of the executive transportation service in Dunwoody, GAyou will hire.