Golf Fans: Why Attend the Next PGA Tour?

There is only one place in the world where you can see golf pros from all over the globe gather to test their skill in one place—the PGA Tour in Atlanta, GA. Golf enthusiasts from all walks of life come together on the green to watch golf experts perform and bond over a shared love of the sport. Thousands of golf fans say they’ll attend the PGA Tour “someday,” but there’s no better time to attend the next PGA Tour. Life is short—make someday today.

Travel Made Easy

Taking a trip to this once-in-a-lifetime event doesn’t have to be difficult. Local hotels often partner with the PGA Tour to bring attendees reasonable rates, and several transportation solutions in Atlanta can make travel to the East Lake Golf Club quick and easy.

East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta is the oldest golf course in the city, and is the permanent home of the PGA Tour Championship. Standing on the green of this historic club is a bucket-list moment for hundreds of golf fans all over the world.

You can rent a travel bus, luxury car, or limo service to transport you and several friends directly to the course. There are also airport shuttle services in Atlanta that will take you straight from the airport to your hotel and the tour location—no guesswork, no navigating, no hassle.

Giving Back

All profits from East Lake Golf Club proceedings go to charities that impact local communities. The club’s primary charity is The East Lake Foundation, which helps revitalize low-income communities and offers programs focusing on education and community wellness. First Tee of East Lake and First Tee of Atlanta also benefit from PGA Tour profits, bringing golf instruction and mentorship to Atlanta’s youth.

The Tour Championship has donated more than $26 million to local and national charities since 1998.

Attending the PGA Tour is not only a special experience for you, but a unique opportunity to make a difference in local communities. Travel plans that give back? That’s a great idea!

Increase Your Knowledge

Of course, the main reason to attend the PGA Tour is based on one thing: golf! Attending such a large event gives you the chance to interact with golf devotees from hundreds of countries and add to your knowledge of the sport.

Learn more about pro players, game technique, and rules of the sport by watching it first-hand. Watching your favorite players up close and personal is a memory you’ll treasure. It might even improve your own golf game when you get home!

There are so many reasons to watch your favorite sport live and seeing experts, announcers, and fans come together is an experience you won’t want to miss. It can be easy to travel to the PGA Tour, and, when you do, you’re benefiting not only yourself, but helping positive programs for Atlanta’s youth.