Different Types of Charter Buses

Charter buses are a great way to not only transport your party to a specific location, but to do so in style and help build unity along the way. Although charter bus prices in Atlanta vary depending on the size and options you choose, there are some basic things about typical Atlanta charters and tours that you should know about. Here are the typical options for charter buses.


A minibus, also called a mini coach, generally holds 10-35 people. This is a great option for a small business retreat or even for extended family reunions. They’re most often used for shorter trips like day trips or to get to and from wedding venues or conferences. They have less storage for longer trips, but plenty of space to hold personal belongings and small luggage. They provide the luxury options of larger buses, like TV, WiFi, air conditioning, and reclining seats.

Party Bus

Party buses make it possible for you to celebrate occasions like weddings, birthdays, bachelorette or bachelor parties, and school dances in any location. They usually hold up to 40-50 people with the ability to rearrange the seats around the edges of the bus to make room for dancing. Party buses are usually more luxurious than other types of buses to achieve the “party” feel and will feature hardwood floors, black leather, fiber optic lighting, sound systems, and lounge-style seating.

Standard Charter Bus

Standard charter buses are a typical bus used for over-the-road trips. They can carry 50-60 people and accommodate luggage for that many as well. While not as fancy as a party bus, they still have comfortable, reclining seats and other optional extras like TV screens and Wi-Fi. Premium charter buses are the same size as a standard charter bus, but are the preferred choice for long-distance trips for large groups because they have upgrades to increase comfort.

Luxury Vehicles

Charter bus companies also offer luxury vehicle service as well. You can choose from a luxury sedan, SUV, or limousine. These are useful for airport transportation as well as frequent travel for business. Limousines (Town Cars, SUVs, and Hummers) are a popular choice for smaller party groups if a party bus is too large for your group.