Traveling in Large Groups with MTI Limo and Shuttle Services

Sometimes when you travel in large groups you still need to travel in style. That’s where MTI Limo and Shuttle Services comes into play — we have large buses that can carry anywhere from 41-61 passengers!

Yeah, you read that right. Up to 61 passengers — and that’s just for one large bus (which is one of the largest in the city of Atlanta, coincidentally).


If you’re one to travel in packs, that’s okay. We’re prepared to complement your evening, no matter how many accomplices you have in tow.

Our buses are great for groups of any size who want to get to their destination in style. Doesn’t matter if you’re going to the amusement park, to a sporting event, or you’re setting your kids and all their friends up to go to their senior prom in style — MTI Limo and Shuttle Services is the number one luxury shuttle service in Atlanta.

Even our large buses come impressively equipped with TVs CD/Blu-ray players. They also come complete with Wi-Fi, power outlets, luggage space, and some serious legroom. They also come equipped with restrooms as well!

We’re no stranger to providing transportation service to events and destinations all over Atlanta. We’re also located just five minutes from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for your convenience. That’s only 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta!

Contact MTI Limo and Shuttle Services today. We know the city of Atlanta like the backs of our hands and our experienced chauffeurs come rigorously screened and trained. We’re at your service!


3 Reasons MTI is Great for Amusement Parks

MTI Limousine and Shuttle Services would like to give you a ride to the amusement park next time you have a trip planned. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying solo or going with a small (or large) group of friends, we have you covered.

You don’t have to worry about traffic or parking, which takes two of the chief concerns that go along with a trip to the amusement park off of your plate entirely.

Here are a few reasons to consider letting MTI Limo and Shuttle Services take you to your destination — so you can set your mind on having fun.


1.) We Can Handle Small to Medium Groups

Don’t worry about the traffic or remembering where you parked! Allow our courteous drivers to take you to and from the park gates – so you can concentrate on having fun.
We offer Full Sized Vans that can seat up to 14 passengers (without luggage; 10 with luggage). We also offer Mini Buses and Mini Coaches with enough seating for 21-41 passengers, depending on your selection and needs.

2.) We Can Handle Large Groups

Our fleet has the variety you need, and our large buses can handle anywhere from 41-61 passengers, depending on selection and needs. That means you can likely take everyone you know!

3.) Because You Need a Break

You work hard, so it’s time to play hard. We’ll pick you up and drop you off at any amusement park in the area you choose — no need to worry about traffic or parking.

Doesn’t matter if you’re going to Six Flags, Stone Mountain, Legoland, or the Georgia Aquarium, MTI Limo and Shuttle Services, we’ll get you there in style and with ease. Contact MTI to make your booking today.


3 Ways to Make this Holiday Season Special

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and every other holiday in between — all of these holidays represent spending time with friends, family, and loved ones.

However, what sounds like a blissful event can quickly become stressful. Other people’s itineraries, your own personal schedule, and every other agenda put on you during this time of year can monopolize your time and turn you into a real scrooge.

Instead, this blog aims to give you a few ways that you can make this holiday season something more memorable. Follow some or all of these steps to make it a great one.

1.) Minimize Your Stress

Remember that the holidays are for spending quality time with those who you cherish. Even if there’s a family member who you aren’t the biggest fan of, this is your opportunity to spend some quality time with people you might only see once a year or less. MTI Limo and Shuttle Services is a great way to minimize stress. We can get you to the airport or pick you up, not to mention provide airport transfer services to anyone coming in to visit.

2.) Maximize Your Time

Make sure that you make the most this holiday season. Also, make sure that you set aside a little bit of quality time to spend with all of your family and friends who you see rarely, because moments like these are few and far between. MTI frees you up to spend your time on what matters instead of worrying about getting to the airport, picking people up, or parking. We take all of those problems out of your hands.

3.) Do for Yourself, But Do for Others More

Make this holiday season special for someone who might not get a lot of attention normally. Think long and hard about someone close or semi-close to you. Who could use the reminder that someone else is thinking of them. Also, try to volunteer some of your time this holiday season, maybe at a soup kitchen, for instance. It’s a great way to help out your fellow human beings, while also putting your own life into perspective. It’s always a profound experience to help those who are less fortunate. It makes us better people.

MTI Limo and Shuttle Services specializes in getting intimate groups or large parties where they need to go in style — no matter the season or the occasion. Contact us today to book your experienced limousine, party bus, and airport shuttle service today.

5 Reasons to Take an MTI Party Bus to Your Next Sports Event

So you’re hitting up your next sporting event — that means you’re creating a memorable moment for yourself (and others, if you plan on going in a group).

It’s moments like these where MTI Limo and Shuttle Services shines the brightest. Sure, a lot of what we do is provide luxury transportation, but we also provide party bus services for big events, like Falcons games, Hawks games, and more.

Keep reading for just a few reasons why MTI is the obvious choice if you want to create a memorable experience. Whether it’s a small group or a large party, we’ll get you to the venue and back in style. All you have to do is make your booking, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

1.) Because We’re Stylish

Maybe you’re bringing a group of old friends or maybe you’ve got some important visitors that you need to impress. Our party buses have all the amenities to impress whoever you bring along, like LCD screens, ambient lighting, onboard wi-fi, Bluray and DVD, 110v outlets — everything you need to entertain on the way.

2.) Increased Capacity

MTI now offers party buses with a 40-passenger capacity, so you can take larger parties. You can bring your old friends and your new friends with that kind of spaciousness!

3.) We Cover all Areas

MTI provides party bus services to the Atlanta, Dunwoody, Kennesaw, Duluth, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Decatur, GA areas. We provide expansive coverage and we know all of these communities like the backs of our hands.

4.) You Won’t Have to Worry About Parking

Parking is always an issue at big events, especially when it comes to professional sports. Atlanta has some high-profile sporting activity — so it can create some unique problems for those looking to take advantage. When you go with MTI, we take that problem out of your hands. We’ll take you right up to the action and have you arriving in style. We just saved you an hour or more — you’re welcome!

5.) Because MTI is the Responsible Choice

Our chauffeurs come rigorously screened, and our service allows our clients to enjoy themselves without having to worry about who is going to drive — WE ARE. We’ll get you where you need to go and back, and you can have fun and relax for the entire experience.

Contact MTI Limo and Shuttle Services to book your party bus today. We’ll make any sporting event considerably more memorable.

3 Reasons You Should Go with MTI This Thanksgiving

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, family itineraries and schedules get as complicated as the ingredients going into this year’s Thanksgiving spread. That’s why it’s always a smart decision to enlist the services of MTI Limo and Shuttle Services — we make the holidays considerably less stressful on our clients.

Continue reading for a few reasons why we perform in the clutch during the busy months of November and December.

1.) Because Your Time is Precious

It’s the holiday season and you should really be spending as much time possible with your loved ones. Hiring us to take care of shuttling family members to and from the airport will free you up to spend some quality time with your family members. We also help you save precious time (not to mention a considerable amount of energy) with our easy, breezy airport pickup/drop-off process. We’ll get you, your family, or your relatives to and from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport with style and finesse.

2.) MTI is Simple

From the moment you or a relative land, MTI Limousine and Shuttle Services has you covered. We’ll have a representative meeting you upon arrival, assisting with retrieving your luggage, escorting you to curbside pickup. MTI ensures that everyone in your expecting party is safe and there’s no possible confusion. Our chauffeurs remain in constant contact with our point of reference, guaranteeing we’ve got a vehicle waiting for you when you need it, right where you need it. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is.

3.) We’re All Business When it Comes to Our Service

It’s true that the lion’s share of our clientele are for business travelers, but we also offer our services to the general public. If our chauffeurs wen’t the most punctual and professional, we’d be out of business. MTI always arrives on time — whether it’s for a flight in, or a flight out. We can get you to the next conference, the next crucial meeting, or the next family gathering alike.

We can accommodate small, intimate parties as well as large groups — we’re talking up to 1000 people kind of large.

We set ourselves apart by doing all the extras, like tracking all inbound and outbound flights, ensuring that you and everyone in your party gets to your destination with time to spare.

Contact MTI Limo and Shuttle Services today to book your airport shuttle transfer. We’ll make a regular out of you!

5 Ways to Winterize Your Ride

Winter is a time of year where lower temperatures and harsher weather conditions might take a toll on your vehicle, as well as its drivability. That’s why MTI Limo and Shuttle Services offers insights and information that will keep your car on the road. And, if you need a ride this winter season, we always have your back as well.

Read on for a few ways to get your car ready for the cold months of the year.

1.) Check Your Battery

Colder months can put a little more pressure on your battery. Also, the chemical reactions which are required to generate power in your car battery start to slow down significantly in increasingly cold temperatures. Your engine also requires more current from the batter to get the car started. It’s a good idea to have a mechanic run a battery test for you to make sure you don’t need a new one to brave through the winter months.

2.) Check Your Wiper Blades

Don’t push it when it comes to your windshield wiper blades. The last thing you want is a wiper blade functioning at anything less than 100% when you’re driving through rain, snow, or sleet. Making sure your wiper blades are tip-top before winter is always a smart move.

3.) Snow Tires: For Your Consideration

You’re obviously going to have to take into consideration where you live, how often it rains or snows during the winter, etc. before deciding to invest in snow tires. But, if there’s snow in the winter where you live, snow tires are plenty worth the investment.

4.) Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Don’t let your gas tank go below ½ full, because lower tanks increase your chances of moisture forming in gas lines, which can potentially freeze and cause costly problems.

5.) Use Lower Viscosity Oil

If you switch from, say, a 10-W30 to a 5-W30, you’ll help your oil flow better between moving parts of the car, especially when the temperature is cold or freezing.

Taking care of your car during the winter is a good decision and will lengthen the life of your vehicle while at the same time increasing your safety.

If you need a ride while your vehicle is being winterized, call MTI Limo and Shuttle Services. We run 24/7 year-round, helping our clients get wherever they need to go in style. Contact us now to book your stylish ride today.

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