Bridal Party Transportation Ideas

Wedding logistics can be a headache to tackle. People are arriving at different gates, times, and quite possibly on different days altogether, or even different airports. Simply keeping track of the details can be a challenge. A professional limousine or shuttle service could be a solution. Of course, before doing so, you’ll need to iron out a few details. Are you going to need a driver for the entire day or simply for pickups and drop offs? Picking up and dropping off people will save you money, since you won’t be paying for the hourly rate, but some providers do offer discounted day rates. You may even be able to negotiate price if you’ll need more than one vehicle, and some companies offer discounts for special events, such as weddings. Once you know the basics of what you need, you should consider the advantages that professional drivers can offer.

No Worry

It’s likely that the entire bridal party might not be staying at the same location. Additionally, people may have stops to make throughout the day. Having one car for the bride and one for people in the party might be ideal. This means that other people will be able to make it to the chapel while the bride is preparing for the wedding. Normally, this could mean people changing cars or trying to decide how and when to carpool. With a limousine service, you can simply let the bride have her own car and driver, while the bridal party has their own. It’s less fuss, and no one has to worry about learning unfamiliar streets or bothering with the stress of traffic. One of the main benefits of any car service is that a professional driver handles the details of getting you where you need to be. That leaves you free to make phone calls, sort out the details of the reception, and anything else that you might need to finalize on the big day.


A luxury car service always adds a little something extra. Whether it’s the comfort, class, or simply the overall mystique, a luxury limousine in Dunwoody, GA, always manages to add an air of sophistication to any occasion. A wedding is no exception. Whether you’re simply wanting to pamper yourself or your guests, or just enhance an already gorgeous occasion, a limousine is always able to bolster the experience.