Benefits of Taking Party Buses to the Atlanta Falcons Game

Nothing beats going to a game to see the Atlanta Falcons win! Well, almost nothing. At MTI Limousine and Shuttle Services in Atlanta, we know the true key to having a great game, win or lose, is to have the right transportation. Get your friends together and get on the bus!

Costs of Parking

$60 for parking? That’s worse than the concert T-shirt Macklemore raps about. It’s more expensive and you don’t have a T-shirt! You might be able to find parking for as little as $10, but you’re going to have to walk a long way through downtown to get to the stadium. If you have a group of people going to the game, you could get a party bus to go. Splitting shuttle bus rental prices often makes it more affordable than parking alone, and it comes with other great benefits.

Stress of Driving

Atlanta traffic might have you thinking you’re driving with insane people even in the best of times. Add to that the fact that thousands of people are headed to the same place for the same event, and you’re talking about the worst of times. You’re going to the game to relax. Why not start relaxing the moment you get in the vehicle and keep that relaxing feeling all the way back home? A party bus can get you there and back again.

Drinking Responsibly

Who’s going to be the designated driver? Drinking responsibly is a big part of every game, and someone always gets to be left out of the fun and games because he or she has to drive. Maybe, that’s okay if you have a friend who’s a teetotaler. However, with a bus rental to an Atlanta Falcons gameyou don’t have to impose on anyone! Everyone can enjoy their drinks and each other without reservation about having to be sober enough to meet tough driving regulations. An added bonus is that your pregame drinking can be done in the bus away from the parking lot crowd.