Add Convenience to the Fun of the Atlanta Air Show

When the Atlanta Air Show roars into town, every eye will be on the skies above the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Unlike air shows at airports, the speedway will offer guests a stunning view of aerial acrobatics, all from comfortable chairs. Unfortunately, there are a few challenges inherent for viewers attending the show at a major venue: the hassles of large crowds!

Avoid the Crowds

The show will be worth it, especially since there are a few things you can do to remove the biggest challenges related to large scale events and crowds.

The biggest hassle of attending a big event isn’t related to the event itself–it’s the getting there, the parking, and the getting out. The good news is there’s a simple way to alleviate those hassles and still arrive ready for the big show: Traveling by luxury motor coach in Atlanta.

Air show organizers are limiting entrance access to the event due to the aerobatic box and sterilized areas required by the FAA. Only two entrances off of route 41 will be open, which could result in long waits in traffic as guests stream into the show. If you’re one of the lucky few in a 55-passenger bus rental in Atlanta, you’ll be comfortable and cool socializing all the way to the front gate.

Get in Fast and Comfortable

Using motor coach service in Atlanta also means you don’t have to pay for VIP parking or hoof it to the main entrance from an outer lot. There will be 887 acres available for parking at the event, which could translate into quite the walk to and from the speedway. A motor coach eliminates a lengthy walk to and from the show.

Motor coach rentals in Atlanta come equipped with plenty of legroom, reclining seats, TVs and DVD plays, so you’ll be entertained before the big show. Passengers can also expect entertainment and comfort when the air show is over.

Few things are more frustrating than attending an exciting event like a concert or professional sporting event and then trying to weave and wait through crowded parking lots when it’s time to leave. With a passenger coach, the fun continues unabated, because your driver will be concentrating on the hassles while you relax and socialize!

Renting a motor coach for the event is best for large groups, but there are other types of shuttle service for smaller groups available. Many transportation companies offer limousines, vans, mini-buses or charter buses. The Atlanta Air Show is an exciting event that shouldn’t be missed. Skip the transportation and parking hassles, and consider a motor coach rental in Atlanta to get the most out of your air show