7 Things to Do While You’re in Marietta, Georgia

Marietta, Georgia is a place with just as rich of a history as its neighbor, Atlanta. MTI Limo and Shuttle is well-versed in all things Marietta, which is why we’d like to give our customers and readership some tips for enjoying this beautiful place, should you come to visit or if it’s a place in which you live.

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1. Gone with the Wind Movie Museum

Those who venture to Downtown Marietta and love the film Gone with the Wind should surely stop at this site. It’s right next to the hotel where General Sherman stayed while engaged in the Civil War. Check off two great historical sites at once!

2. Marietta Square

Marietta Square provides a collection of colorful gardens and a park to the public, which is perfect for summertime picnics, lunches, and quick-and-easy getaways when the weather is nice and accommodating.

3. Brumby Hall and Gardens

Brumby Hall is a building from 1851 that still stands on the site of the old campus of the Georgia Military Institute. It’s a fantastic historical place, but you might have to be crafty, since it’s only open for special events.

4. Marietta Museum of History

The Marietta Museum of History remains one of Marietta, Georgia’s unique treasures. This historic museum is located within the Historic Kennesaw House, which was constructed back in 1845. You can stop by this location if you’re going to Marietta Square – it’s just a stone’s throw away. The Marietta Museum of History is also a perfect afternoon activity. Stop by local lunch spots and retailers for plenty of fun and friendly shopping.

5. Project Escape

Maybe you’ve heard some of the buzz behind escape rooms, but Project Escape brands itself as Marietta’s premiere escape room gaming facility. They boast over-sized escape rooms, difficult and challenging puzzles, as well as high-quality production and set design which provide an immersive live action experience and enhanced game-play for visitors and players of all ages.

6. Sope Creek Trail

If you’re game for a nice hike, Sope Creek Trail is right up your alley. There are several paths for you to saunter down, some which can be shared with bicyclists. It’s a heavily wooded, varying terrain, so dress accordingly. There’s also a small lake and large boulders for taking a moment to relax in the sun.

7. Naughty Soda Brewery

If you partake in adult beverages, this intimate brewery will be a really fun, bright and open spot to make a stop at during your travels. This microbrewery has an array of hand-crafted hard sodas and a diverse selection of beers to try. They give you a variety of sizes and tastings, whether you’re a lager or ale enthusiast, or you’re just wetting your beak for a moment.

If you’re interested in seeing all that Marietta, GA has to offer, call MTI Limo and Shuttle today. We’ll take you to all the prime spots in style. We’ll make your visit one for the books as the #1 Marietta limousine service.