7 Reasons to Rent a Shuttle Van for the Holidays

The holidays are busy! Relatives come and go from airports. Families get together on a nightly basis to visit each other. People visiting from out of town go sightseeing. You take the family to church. In short, there is a lot of transportation happening. Why not rent a shuttle van in Alpharetta for all of that moving around? Here are some great reasons why it might be your best (or only!) option.

Keep the Family Together

A shuttle van offers a lot of advantages over other modes of transportation, including your own vehicle. For one, you can transport most of the family together in one vehicle! Typical shuttle vans can transport around 12 to 15 people at once, including storage for bags and maybe even a stroller or bike. It’s way more efficient than separating everybody into cars that only hold 4 to 6 people at once with limited cargo space.

Short Trips across Town

Shuttle vans are also perfect for transporting groups of people across town on short trips, such as to and from the Alpharetta airport. They’re comfortable and spacious, but not as large as buses or trailers designed to go across country. So they’re more efficient on gas and easy to maneuver on typical highways, freeways, and neighborhood streets. If you’ve never tried it, a luxury airport shuttle also happens to be pretty fun.

Book for Your Schedule

You can book a shuttle van rental in Alpharetta for only the amount of time you need it! If you only need the van for one trip, you can book it by the hour. If you expect to make several trips in one day, you can book the shuttle for the entire day. Choose whichever option is most cost-efficient for you.

Competitive Pricing

Flexible booking is a friendly perk for your wallet, but no matter what booking option you choose, your luxury shuttle service in Alpharetta is going to be a lot cheaper than most other options. Limos and taxis tend to charge higher premium rates, but a shuttle van is less expensive and more family friendly, anyway.

shuttle bus rental

Direct Transportation

Even though they’re considerably cheaper, a shuttle service will also take you directly to your destination from wherever you are, like a taxi or a limo. This is a welcome benefit if you’re used to taking buses or trains, which can take twice as long to get anywhere when you consider all the stops and detours they’re scheduled to make en route. A shuttle service isn’t required to make specific stops. Their point A and point B are the 2 places you specify, and only those 2 places, whether it’s your home, the airport, the church, a family gathering, a holiday recital, or some other gathering place.

Curbside Service

In that same vein, any shuttle van rental in Alpharetta that you book will offer curbside service at your exact location. No walking to the bus stop or hitchhiking or begging your relative to drop you off at the airport. Your airport shuttle service will come to you and take you directly to the airport without any transfers in between. You can’t find service like that for a cheaper price!

Professional Drivers

The convenience and the cost efficiency of your shuttle van wouldn’t mean very much if you didn’t have a positive, safe, and fun experience during your ride. Fortunately, shuttle services like MTI Limousine are committed to providing experienced, screened, and friendly drivers for your ride. You will always feel safe and comfortable and enjoy the shortest and most direct rides from drivers who know the city inside and out.

If you want to take some of the stress out of your busy holiday season, try booking a shuttle service for you and your family today!