7 Hit Movies and Shows Shot in the ATL

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that much of what we see on the big and small screens are not shot and produced in La La Land. Actually, there are quite a few movies and television shows that are shot right here in Atlanta, GA, which comes as the result of increasing cost and difficulty to shoot in California.

Below are more than a few shows and films you can watch that were principally shot right here in the ATL.

1.) The Walking Dead

If you watch TV (even if you don’t, as a matter of fact) you’ve probably heard of the hit television series, “The Walking Dead,” which is based on the graphic novel of the same name. The show has shelled out shocking event after shocking event in its 8 season (and counting) run.

2.) Zombieland

Keeping in stride with the undead, Zombieland was shot here in Atlanta as well! Even though the scenes of this film seem to flow across the country, this film was actually made nearly in its entirety in Georgia. You can see scenes of urban chaos that were staged on Edgewood Avenue at Park Place, right in downtown Atlanta. Bill Murray’s mansion (in the movie) happens to be Lee Najjar’s house — which is in Buckhead.

3.) Atlanta

Donald Glover’s brainchild is rolling full steam ahead, and it’s shot entirely in Atlanta, harboring a tone that its author, director, and star considers to be Twin Peaks in the rap game.

4.) Guardians of the Galaxy

Yep, Star-lord himself was here. The scenes that feature the hometown of Star-Lord (played by Chris Pratt) were all filmed in downtown Cartersville, which is a northwest suburb of Atlanta.

5.) Stranger Things

This hit Netflix series have its creators Matt and Ross Duffer being sued for allegedly stealing their idea from another director at a film festival — script, idea, story, and all. Whether that’s true or not, you can still check out where the show was shot. The show heavily borrows motifs, themes, and ideas from Spielberg, Carpenter, and more. The fictional Hawkins National Laboratory is located right in the heart of Atlanta (Emory University’s Briarcliff campus, to be exact).

6.) The Hunger Games

3 out of the 4 Hunger Games installments (Catching Fire and both Mockingjay films) were shot here in Atlanta. You can tour the Swan House which resides in the chic Buckhead neighborhood — these opulent grounds were utilized as evil President Snow’s mansion. May the odds be ever in your favor when you visit!

7.) Ant Man

Atlanta has a downtown area (not to mention the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District) that is starting to become very popular with filmmakers because of its diverse architecture. For instance, Ant-Man used the area and business district, transforming it into San Francisco for many outdoor shots. Impressive movie magic right there!

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