5 Ways to Winterize Your Ride

Winter is a time of year where lower temperatures and harsher weather conditions might take a toll on your vehicle, as well as its drivability. That’s why MTI Limo and Shuttle Services offers insights and information that will keep your car on the road. And, if you need a ride this winter season, we always have your back as well.

Read on for a few ways to get your car ready for the cold months of the year.

1.) Check Your Battery

Colder months can put a little more pressure on your battery. Also, the chemical reactions which are required to generate power in your car battery start to slow down significantly in increasingly cold temperatures. Your engine also requires more current from the batter to get the car started. It’s a good idea to have a mechanic run a battery test for you to make sure you don’t need a new one to brave through the winter months.

2.) Check Your Wiper Blades

Don’t push it when it comes to your windshield wiper blades. The last thing you want is a wiper blade functioning at anything less than 100% when you’re driving through rain, snow, or sleet. Making sure your wiper blades are tip-top before winter is always a smart move.

3.) Snow Tires: For Your Consideration

You’re obviously going to have to take into consideration where you live, how often it rains or snows during the winter, etc. before deciding to invest in snow tires. But, if there’s snow in the winter where you live, snow tires are plenty worth the investment.

4.) Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Don’t let your gas tank go below ½ full, because lower tanks increase your chances of moisture forming in gas lines, which can potentially freeze and cause costly problems.

5.) Use Lower Viscosity Oil

If you switch from, say, a 10-W30 to a 5-W30, you’ll help your oil flow better between moving parts of the car, especially when the temperature is cold or freezing.

Taking care of your car during the winter is a good decision and will lengthen the life of your vehicle while at the same time increasing your safety.

If you need a ride while your vehicle is being winterized, call MTI Limo and Shuttle Services. We run 24/7 year-round, helping our clients get wherever they need to go in style. Contact us now to book your stylish ride today.