3 Reasons a Mini Bus Is Best for Road Trips

You’re heading off to the desert with friends. What are you going to do, take your old Corolla? Let’s not. You want something that will fit all your buddies, give you some space to relax, and room to chat and hang out. Sure, you could fly, but that’s expensive. Besides, there’s all those people everywhere, and security is a pain. Trains are fun, but what is this, the 1870s? Here’s a thought: a mini-bus! The hippies new what they were doing! It’s a perfect way to get out, and share some memories with friends while ridin’ down the highway. Here are some reasons why checking out checking out mini bus charter services in Alpharetta is a great start to any road trip.

1. You Got Room

You’ll need space for people, food, drink, luggage, exotic animals (it’s your road trip, not ours), and a regular rental car does not fit the bill. Grab a mini-bus and just toss everything in there without worrying if there’s space to spare, because there will be.

2. You Are Your Own DJ

Ever try to share your music with other passengers on an airplane? It never works. In your own mini-van, you decide what to listen to. And if someone complains, well, fine they can play their music too. The point is, the music, the conversation, the trivia games – everything is up to you and your fellow passengers. And, no stewardess or TSA official can do anything about it.

3. Adventure Awaits

There’s nothing more adventurous than America. And, there’s nothing more American than a road trip. Only you and your compatriots decide what awaits. Grab your ice, drinks (non-alcoholic for the driver, let’s be responsible), and snacks and hit the road. Go old school and bring a Thomas Guide for reference! Be sure to stop off at every weird roadside attraction you can find. Is the world’s biggest ball of twine as big as they say? There’s only one way to find out.

If you want to check out a mini bus rental in Alpharetta, MTI Limousine and Shuttle service is a great place to start.