Guide on Hiring Premium Car Service

hire a luxury car service alpharettaHiring a car service is sometimes unavoidable, especially if you travel extensively for work. Occasionally, a premium car service can also be a great way to explore a new city or it can be part of the glamor and enjoyment of your vacation. Whatever you may have planned for your car rental, it can be somewhat tricky to navigate the paperwork and details of a car service. Providers aren’t always upfront about all of the intricacies of the rental agreement, so it’s always possible that something will end up catching you by surprise. For a helpful guide on hiring a premium car service, you can continue reading below.

Know the Charges

When hiring a luxury car service in Alpharetta, there will be paperwork. That’s simply unavoidable. However, there are often hidden expenses, such as surcharges or service fees that may not be spelled out for you by your agent. There can also be a number of different taxes, duties, or levies that won’t be listed in the advertised price. Did you notice that “other charges may apply”? They weren’t kidding, and those additional costs can add up very quickly. Be sure to ask about any additional expenses that come with the vehicle and make sure that you have everything in writing. You’ll be able to judge your budget for the rental when you have all of the numbers in front of you. You don’t want to be caught unaware when you return the car.

Check the Insurance

Some car rental companies will offer their own insurance, or they’ll offer a liability waiver that you pay for with the rental. The liability waiver isn’t insurance; it simply releases you from having responsibility for the damages. Of course, there are stipulations with that, and there will be a multitude of exceptions to your alleviated liability. A better option may be to simply pay for rental insurance through your regular car insurance provider. If you’re already a customer, many companies do provide extra coverage for rentals. It doesn’t have to be kept on your insurance indefinitely, and you can remove the rental coverage on your policy at a later date. Again, there may be certain things that aren’t covered, so speak to your insurance agent to see what it will pay for and what won’t be taken care of under their policy.

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Be Thorough

In addition to looking into insurance and charges, it’s a good idea to take some basic, common-sense steps to make sure that nothing is amiss. Take photos of the vehicle and document any damage to the car, and, if possible, try to get the sales assistant in the picture. Make sure that the photos are time stamped. You’ll also need to check on their fuel policy. Gas prices can be marked up severely by the rental company, so be sure to fill your car up as close to the rental location as possible. That can potentially save you quite a bit of money. When you return the vehicle, make sure that you do so during normal operating hours. Have the car inspected immediately when you return, and see if you can get a statement in writing that verifies that there was no damage. If you filled the vehicle up before returning it, make sure that you get a receipt, so you can avoid being charged for refueling.

With some forethought and careful attention to detail, hiring a premium car service in Alpharetta can be a fairly easy and painless process.