Go in Style to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Everyone knows that the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a world-class stadium for world-class events. Of course, attending those events should be fun regardless of how you arrive, but every occasion can be enhanced with the right ride. Having a stylish night out doesn’t have to begin or end with a single occasion, and a luxury car can be a great way to both start and end your night out.  Read More

Atlanta Falcons Football: The Ultimate Fan Experience

Nothing gets your red and black blood pumping harder than the atmosphere at a Falcons game! You don’t want to regret missing the Falcons first season in their long-awaited new home, Mercedes-Benz Stadium. MTI Limousine and Shuttle Services wants to help you design the custom fan experience you deserve! Read More

Atlanta Braves Fans: Plan Your Trip Now for 2018!

Already thinking about the 2018 baseball season? You won’t have to wait long! It’s not too soon to plan your trip for the season that is to have the earliest home opener in major league baseball history. The Braves will enter their second season at their new home, SunTrust Park, on March 29th, 2018, playing 13 home games before May. It’s going to be a hot time in Atlanta! Read More

What Makes the Experience at SunTrust Park Great?

When you want a fun experience with your family, friends, or even coworkers, there is no better place in the Atlanta area to enjoy than SunTrust Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves. A stadium with new features and amazing amenities, this park is home to one of the greatest baseball franchises in the nation. There are plenty of reasons to visit to catch a baseball game or enjoy a host of local events, especially now that you can rent luxury cars in Atlanta for car service to the airport and the stadium. This makes travel easy for out of towners looking for an unforgettable local experience. Here is more on what makes the experience at SunTrust Park so fascinating and one that you should not miss, whether you live in a local zip code or are visiting Atlanta. Read More

Golf Fans: Why Attend the Next PGA Tour?

There is only one place in the world where you can see golf pros from all over the globe gather to test their skill in one place—the PGA Tour in Atlanta, GA. Golf enthusiasts from all walks of life come together on the green to watch golf experts perform and bond over a shared love of the sport. Thousands of golf fans say they’ll attend the PGA Tour “someday,” but there’s no better time to attend the next PGA Tour. Life is short—make someday today. Read More

Choosing the Right Campus Shuttle Service for Students

There are plenty of perks of being a university student. It’s a fun time of life, with so much to discover and learn to navigate. Finding the right campus shuttle services in Decatur, GA, can help make your campus life that much smoother. Here’s how to choose the right system for you. Read More

The Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Shuttle for Seniors

Traveling isn’t always easy. That’s especially true if you already have difficulty with mobility. For seniors and others, wheelchair accessibility may be a key consideration for any shuttle service. While many people may think that means a charter or shuttle service is out of the question or will be too costly, that isn’t actually the case. Read More

Airport Pickup: How to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special

Weddings are wonderful, beautiful, and fun, but they can also be stressful. The logistics of organizing transportation and housing for friends and family can be particularly challenging. An airport pickup service can be a great way to make your guests feel special and appreciated, while also ensuring that things are kept on schedule. Read More

Bridal Party Transportation Ideas

Wedding logistics can be a headache to tackle. People are arriving at different gates, times, and quite possibly on different days altogether, or even different airports. Simply keeping track of the details can be a challenge. A professional limousine or shuttle service could be a solution. Of course, before doing so, you’ll need to iron out a few details. Are you going to need a driver for the entire day or simply for pickups and drop offs? Picking up and dropping off people will save you money, since you won’t be paying for the hourly rate, but some providers do offer discounted day rates. You may even be able to negotiate price if you’ll need more than one vehicle, and some companies offer discounts for special events, such as weddings. Once you know the basics of what you need, you should consider the advantages that professional drivers can offer. Read More

Why Rent a Minibus for Short Distance Trips

People often only think about bus rentals for long trips, whether they’re going on tour or taking a trip to Vegas. That’s understandable, since that’s precisely the sort of thing that you see in the movies, but it’s far from required. A minibus is actually a great option for shorter trips (usually under 150 miles), and they can be just as fun and enjoyable as their larger counterparts. In fact, most groups can easily be managed by a minibus, since they typically handle around 20 people. Read More

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